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KeyFit Sports & Fitness Training

4435 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

Call Us: 865.558.1433

TPI Certified Golf Fitness

Titelist Golf Fitness Training

KeyFit provides several golf fitness training options. Our goal is to improve your golf game by improving your flexibility, balance and strength. To meet these objectives KeyFit offers the following golf fitness options.

Golf Fitness Screening

A certified Titleist Performance Institute instructor (TPI) will take you through a series of tests to determine if you have physical limitations that are affecting your golf swing. The testing process measures your flexibility, mobility, stability, and balance.

Take Home Golf Program

Screening will be performed by a TPI instructor and a custom exercise program provided for use at home. This program includes an initial screening and demonstration of the exercises on the exercise program. A follow up screening will be provided approximately six weeks after the initial screening.